Grantee Consulting and Administration

We’ll prepare the documents you need, train you on FTZ best practices, and set your foreign-trade zone up for long-term success.

Not all Foreign-Trade Zones are created equal. The best ones stay a step ahead by attracting companies to the FTZ program. As a result, those foreign-trade zone grantees significantly increase employment, economic development, and long-term investment in their communities.

If you are a foreign-trade zone grantee (or thinking of becoming one) and are unsure how to best market, utilize, or manage your FTZ project, Indigo Trade Solutions is here to help. We save you time – and headaches – with the following:


Foreign-trade zone Grantee Consulting and Administration services

  • Preparation of Operator Agreements: Indigo Trade Solutions will draft Operator Agreements or review and revise outdated ones to ensure you’re complying with all current regulations. We prepare the right documents so you can worry less about paperwork and focus more on marketing your zone.
  • Preparation of Applications: Creating a new FTZ or reorganizing an existing one is a multi-step process. We know what applications to submit and what steps to follow so you are compliant with all FTZ regulations.
  • FTZ Training: With insight gained from years of experience helping grantees grow their FTZ programs, we train you and your team on technical and legal matters to ensure your FTZ attracts important, new economic opportunities.
As an aspiring or existing grantee, Indigo Trade Solutions will help you:

purple arrow Organize your zone project

purple arrow Remain compliant with the latest regulations implemented by the FTZ Board

purple arrow Train your team to effectively carry out your responsibilities as a grantee

Promote FTZ Awareness and Generate New Zone Activity

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