Foreign-Trade Zone Services

Activate or enhance your foreign-trade zone with our suite of services.


FTZ Application and Activation

Our foreign-trade zone services will ensure your application and activation process goes smoothly.

If your company is interested in distributing or manufacturing products in a foreign-trade zone, Indigo Trade Solutions will secure the proper applications, fill them out accurately, and submit them on your behalf. Because we have experience helping other businesses activate FTZs all over the country, you’ll have the best chances for initial approval.

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FTZ application

FTZ managed services

FTZ Managed Services

Run your zone efficiently, worry free and in complete compliance

Operating in compliance can be a resource and time burden for many companies. Indigo Trade Solutions offers a centralized management approach to maintain those operations for you. This streamlined system can reduce operating costs, avoid duplication of efforts and simplify the chain of command through a single source for zone administration. With our experience on your side, you can rest assured the zone will be operating at optimal capacity and in a compliant manner.


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FTZ Feasibility Study

Take the first step in using our foreign-trade zone services by receiving a complimentary feasibility study.

We happily provide this service to businesses interested in operating in foreign-trade zones. The complimentary study outlines the opportunities, challenges, and potential problems with operating in an FTZ. The follow-up study we conduct then identifies specific costs and benefits. It gives you a “big picture” view of where you are now and where you could be with an FTZ.

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foreign-trade zone compliance


FTZ Compliance Reviews

Is your FTZ operating in compliance? Let us help you find out.

As a business operating in a foreign trade zone, you could be at risk of incurring costly fines and penalties. The FTZ Board is constantly updating regulatory requirements – and complying with them is mandatory. Your compliance review will identify any non-compliances; and once they’re known, we’ll help get you back on track so you can continue operating at optimal capacity.

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FTZ Grantee Consulting and Administration

Attract other companies to your FTZ, with the help of our Grantee consulting services.

Whether you’re a grantee already operating or trying to gain board approval, Indigo Trade Solutions will make your new efforts a success. With the ability to expertly prepare operator agreements, prepare reorganization applications, and train your team on FTZ best practices, our consulting and administration services will help you be among the best grantees in the United States.

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