ITS 12 DaysChristmas only comes once a year, though sometimes a year passes so quickly it doesn’t feel as if there are 365 days between two of the magical holidays. The hustle and bustle of work can get away from us so easily and cause FTZ Administration to feel burdensome.

It doesn’t have to be a burden. Let Indigo Trade Solutions take a few moments to share this Christmas version of the gifts our FTZ Managed Services teams deliver. Having us administer your Foreign-Trade Zone is a present to be shared, all year round.

  1. On the first day of Christmas, Indigo gave to me – one designated zone.  We help you breeze through the FTZ Board approval process. In many areas, the FTZ designation can be gained quickly, where your business is.
  2. On the second day of Christmas, Indigo gave to me – two zone approvals. Both the FTZ Board and Customs approve the zone. We have decades of experience navigating both.
  3. On the third day of Christmas, Indigo gave to me – three added resources. In Managed Services, we take a team approach. While you might have one Specialist dedicated to your account, supervisors and managers are also actively involved.
  4. On the fourth day of Christmas, Indigo gave to me – four HMF reports. Each quarter, we provide the reporting for Harbor Maintenance Fees ensuring that you never miss a payment.
  5. On the fifth day of Christmas, Indigo gave to me – five-star customer service. Simply put, excellent customer service is our cornerstone.
  6. On the sixth day of Christmas, Indigo gave to me – six Customs forms prepared. Whatever the form name or number, we know how to compliantly prepare and/or file for you.
  7. On the seventh day of Christmas, Indigo gave to me – seven ways to save. There are many ways to benefit financially from a Foreign-Trade Zone. From weekly duty deferral to tighter inventory control ~ we help you maximize the return on investment.
  8. On the eighth day of Christmas, Indigo gave to me – eight hours of my day back. We cover daily processing, so your team doesn’t have to.
  9. On the ninth day of Christmas, Indigo gave to me – nine (or more) fun ways to see us throughout the year. The Indigo team is constantly attending conferences, for education and networking –  often we have really fun surprises in store for our friends.
  10. On the tenth day of Christmas, Indigo gave to me – ten times less stress. Record keeping and reporting requirements are managed for you – leaving you to relax, knowing ‘we got this‘.
  11. On the eleventh day of Christmas, Indigo gave to me – eleven new best practices. We constantly strive to implement best practices learned through experience and the educational events we attend.
  12. On the twelfth day of Christmas, Indigo gave to me – twelve months of compliant reporting. Daily, weekly, monthly and beyond ~ we adhere to tight compliance procedures. Rest assured knowing that your zone is being managed compliantly all year round.

Happiest of Holidays to you all from your friends at Indigo Trade Solutions. We wish you a safe, joyous and prosperous season.