FTZ Training

Education is key in bringing staff along with FTZ Initiatives

Your Foreign-Trade Zone is activated now and all systems are go. Yet, you lack the bandwidth on your Trade team to provide the recommended FTZ training to all staff who will be affected by zone operations.


Perhaps you have a new FTZ Administrator on the job.  Does the new person understand FTZs?  Do they know how to run the FTZ system?  What about the deadlines that your company will be held to?

When you engage our training services, you’ll reap the benefits across several areas. Besides demonstrating reasonable care to Customs, you will also have confidence in knowing nothing is being missed. Experience gained from years spent in the FTZ industry turns into a major benefit for your company. The expertise at Indigo includes activation, software integration, operations, compliance concerns and project management. We take those experiences and develop a custom education program for you and your team.

From a few hours a month dedicated to unique scenarios and how to deal with them to week-long intensive sessions, we can handcraft an education agenda that meets all your needs.


Hire our experts to provide the FTZ training your trade compliance and logistics teams will need.

An FTZ Training Program will provide:


purple arrow Guidance in meeting regulations with ease

purple arrow Train in efficiencies that will streamline your processes

purple arrow Provide assurance your zone is being managed accurately 

Build a solid foundation for your team with FTZ Training by FTZ Specialists

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