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Take the worry out of daily Operations of your FTZ

Your FTZ is activated…now what?


Indigo Trade Solutions can offer FTZ Managed Services to act as Administrator for the day-to-day operations of a foreign-trade zone. Now, you can take the worry out of FTZ maintenance by employing our FTZ Managed Services Department.. Under the leadership of Shana Head, we deliver a streamlined approach to maintaining inventory control operations and import processes for zone users and reduce your paperwork burden for Customs & Border Protection (CBP).

Operating in compliance with foreign-trade zone regulations requires a high level of accuracy in recordkeeping, in both inventory control and financial audit trails. Our FTZ managed services process was developed to address these concerns. As well as administering your zone project, we can offer suggestions on how to maximize your zone benefits.

Whether you have one site or many, Indigo Trade Solutions can alleviate the burden of performing daily functions required in zone maintenance. You can leave the daily work to us and relieve the worry of employee turnover and coverage for vacation or sick days. Our professionals are familiar with CBP regulations and are highly skilled at creating efficiencies in navigating operations for your zone. We dedicate the highest level of care and experience in daily operation of your FTZ.

Our highly qualified team of FTZ Specialists and Analysts provide a solution to the burden of recordkeeping requirements. All client account data is stored centrally and all filings are handled for you. Highly scalable, the centralized management of a zone offers remedy for disorganized document management and reporting.

Overall, these measures result in reduced operating expenses related to operation/administration of more than one FTZ site. By using a centrally located and specially trained team to operate your zone, consistent compliance is achieved. An approach with standardized processes and focused, in-depth management is an attractive solution for multi-site zone operations.

Benefits of Managed Services

  • No vacation coverage juggling
  • Staff dedicated to your zone
  • Efficient and compliant processing
  • All reporting is handled for you
  • Team approach

Relieve the stress of FTZ Administration. Let our Managed Services team handle it.

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