FTZ Feasibility Study

Show your CFO the significant cost savings that can be generated by running a Foreign-Trade Zone.

Complimentary FTZ Feasibility Study

There can be significant returns – both financial and operational – when you activate an FTZ. But first, you will want to determine whether the savings outweigh the costs. An FTZ feasibility study by Indigo Trade Solutions will answer this question. And the best part is, we offer a complimentary FTZ feasibility study that analyzes whether activating an FTZ could generate a positive return on investment based on your annual import volumes.

This way you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars for an FTZ expert to answer a question you may already know the answer to. And while the complimentary feasibility study doesn’t always result in a simple yes-or-no answer, it will highlight the potential opportunities and/or challenges associated with activating an FTZ.

However, activating a foreign-trade zone for your business is no small matter. While there are initial costs and time requirements, the payoffs are huge if an FTZ is feasible for your business. Often times, management teams find a more comprehensive analysis to be persuasive before green lighting a project of this scale.


Indigo Trade Solutions can perform an in-depth FTZ feasibility study. In it, you will receive:

  • a more detailed analysis of costs and benefits based on actual data sets instead of average consumption
  • an on-site review of inventory control and operations
  • an on-site security assessment
  • FTZ information specific to your unique industry
Your FTZ feasibility study will help you:


purple arrow Identify any opportunities and challenges associated with FTZ activation

purple arrow Evaluate costs vs. benefits

purple arrow Assess ROI and determine whether an FTZ can optimize your bottom line

Can Your Business Benefit from Activating an FTZ?

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