Economic Development Consulting

Reducing your capital investment costs


Maximize your capital investment

Our economic development services are designed to give you the competitive edge you seek.  Securing economic incentives is an essential strategic move for businesses who want to minimize capital expenditure and reduce ongoing costs.

If your corporation is expanding and activating an FTZ, we can augment the benefits you receive by navigating the economic incentives process for you. Our economic development services include;

  • Preparation of incentive application – Indigo Trade Solutions will review and prepare an incentive application to be presented to the local government.
  • Negotiation of Incentives – Indigo Trade Solutions will represent you in economic development negotiations.
  • Introductions with FTZ Grantee or Economic Development agency – We establish effective partnerships so you can focus on what you do best.
  • Compliance – We will monitor your incentive contracts throughout the compliance process.  This is where many companies fail to receive incentives awarded to them.

If you are a local government considering enhancements to its business recruitment, we can help develop a targeted approach to address your needs.

  • Create an economic incentive plan to help your agency expand its community’s recruitment efforts with its FTZ program.

Optimize Your Supply Chain Through Economic Incentive Strategies


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