FTZ Compliance Reviews

Ensure your FTZ operations are meeting current regulatory requirements.

You’re already receiving the benefits of operating in a foreign-trade zone. But you know all too well how complex the regulatory environment is for FTZs. Perhaps you’ve even lost more than a few nights sleep over whether you are currently compliant. So, what level of confidence do you have today that your FTZ is adhering to all current regulations?

Zone operations must follow strict inventory reporting requirements and deadlines. Failing to comply could result in fines, penalties, and possibly revocation of your grant of authority to operate as an FTZ. A best practice is to have a third party expert evaluate your FTZ transactions to demonstrate reasonable care to CBP. If you have even a hint of doubt that there is an area of potential exposure, you should consider the benefits of having Indigo Trade Solutions conduct an FTZ compliance review.

A full-scale compliance review by Indigo Trade Solutions will either validate that you are in compliance with current regulations or identify possible gaps and areas of exposure. If potential areas of concern are identified, the review will include proposed solutions you can develop and implement so you are compliant going forward.


During the Foreign-Trade Zone compliance review, we will:

  • Randomly select files for review that would be in scope of a CBP audit
  • Track multiple transactions from receipt through production to shipment
  • Confirm your company is correctly following all procedures outlined in its Operations Manual
An FTZ Compliance Review will help you:


purple arrow Remain in good standing with CBP

purple arrow Avoid incurring fines, penalties and liquidated damages

purple arrow Optimize savings by identifying gaps in efficiency

Avoid Costly Fines. Continue Operating at Optimal Capacity.

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