We at Indigo Trade Solutions have just returned from the National Association of Foreign-Trade Zones (NAFTZ) Annual Conference held in Hollywood, CA from September 27th to October 1st and there were many exciting announcements to share. Possibly one of the most fascinating ventures in the world of ports and containers is underway at the Port of LA.

The Port of LA will be one of the first to use fully automated container loading systems. The terminal logistic system promises to be much more efficient and productive. This state of the art system, which uses magnetic technology, will increase the Ports capacity to 2.4 million TEU’s all while producing zero emissions. It’s a giant leap in making importation more cost-effective and green.

To watch animation of the automation that will create ‘a cleaner port and brighter future’, visit the YouTube link below

Port of LA on YouTube

And yes, we mixed in a little fun with this as well. Lesley Couch, Principal with Indigo Trade Solutions is pictured below with Jeremiah Pomerleau of GoPro, Inc. Jeremiah also noted excitement with the Ports of LAs advancements in technology. He believes this will be an outstanding leap for not only GoPro, but all Operators receiving goods through the Port of LA.

Lesley Jeremiah