Indigo Trade Solutions designed a sophisticated yet simplified zone solution for GoPro that optimizes import processing and minimizes customs duty and tax payables for US imports and exports.  Their team of experts, led by Lesley Couch demonstrate superior knowledge of the US CBP FTZ program.  There is truly no question they cannot answer, and I experienced this first-hand as they skillfully navigated US CBP/ FTZ Boards’ regulations for GoPro’s two FTZ activations in Southern California.

With Indigo’s expertise, we implemented a tariff inversion program that makes fiscal sense to our finance leaders as well as our US fulfillment partner.  Selecting Indigo proved to be one of my best decisions as a leader in logistics and trade.

Indigo consistently exceeds stakeholder expectations for customer service and flexibility, and I confidently recommend them for any FTZ initiative.

Scot Briggs

Senior Director, Global Logistics & Trade Compliance, GoPro, Inc.

I engaged Lesley Couch to activate the FTZ for Hugo Boss and it’s been operating successfully since 2012. She has been on my side and continued to assist us well after completion. When tasked with implementing some changes and additional foreign-trade zone related services, I did not hesitate to make a single phone call to Indigo Trade Solutions for assistance.


The team at Indigo’s experience in the industry give them an unmatched skillset for planning projects with a keen sense of how to predict even unforeseen circumstances. They excel at keeping all parties focused, happy and deliver the expected results and then some.

Yvonne Long

Director of Customs Compliance and Transportation, Hugo Boss