About Indigo Trade Solutions, LLC

Full-service Foreign-Trade Zone Consulting

ftz careersIndigo Trade Solutions was born out of a passion for logistics, that grew into a complete fascination with Foreign-Trade Zones

Lesley Couch, like many others in trade, stumbled into her role in Foreign-Trade Zones. She began the journey over 22 years ago and little did she know then, she would ultimately become one of the leading FTZ Consultants in the country.

In previous roles, she gained the most versatile FTZ knowledge in the industry. When combined with always feeling there was something more in store for clients, Lesley believed there must be a way to deliver the wealth of knowledge in an extremely client-centric manner. She combined her experience, passion for customer service and a formulated a plan of who she would need in the future.

She put them all together and on a flying leap of faith, opened the doors of Indigo Trade Solutions LLC in March of 2014. Operating as a one-woman show felt like it might be the business model for a few years to come, however it took less than a year to realize there was more business than she could alone handle long-term.

With some additional woman-power, Indigo was awarded a large full-service project to activate and manage multiple zones. This award resulted in speeding up the process of recruiting some of the brightest minds in the Foreign-Trade Zone industry.

Shana Head, with over 12 years in FTZ was the perfect candidate to develop and lead the growing team of FTZ Analysts and Specialists. Shana was formerly with Crate and Barrel and Abbott Labs and began with Indigo in June of 2016. Shana is a voracious learner and will quickly cite that as one of the reasons she loves this industry so much. Her passion for FTZ operations and fascination with how to do them better easily shows in all her interactions with clients.

With a well-rounded team of leaders in place, Indigo set out to create a headquarters for its operations. Nashville, TN was chosen for its central location and affordable cost of doing business. The new operations center officially opened in August 2016. While most of the team works from Nashville, we are just a flight away from wherever you are.

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