CBP officers give the Burton FTZ a thumbs up to move forward with activation of their Pataskala, OH facility

The Burton Corporation (aka Burton Snowboards) has been distributing from the facility in central Ohio for nearly three years now. It’s central location was appealing to Missy Forey, Director of Trade and Import Compliance for Burton. Parlaying the distribution center’s success into a foreign trade zone has been a methodical process for Missy and other executives at Burton.

Headquartered in Burlington, VT and distributing from Ohio has not been without its challenges, but with a little time and lots of team effort the time had come to feel comfortable in activating their zone.

Patiently and with process perfection in mind, they have been paving the way for FTZ activation. From security improvements to the addition of FTZ Administrator, Tonia Downard and implementation of a top-notch cycle count process, they’ve been preparing for this day for some time.

Missy worked directly with the Grantee for the Columbus area, FTZ 138 to apply for zone designation and then engaged the help of Lesley Couch to activate. “Burton’s philosophy is much like Indigo’s ~ try to head off foreseeable problems at the pass and shoot for getting everything right the first time”, Lesley notes.

And that’s just what happened. Officers Roy and Myers of CBP entered the facility on November 10, 2015 for the security walk-through mandatory to all FTZs. The great news…is that Burton nailed it on the first try! The officers had only good things to say about the improvements and processes Burton has in place and feel they are more than ready for FTZ activity.

Burton expects to be admitting goods in zone status shortly after the first of the year. Congratulations to Burton. We at Indigo have been an over the moon kind of happy to be a part of the process.

Missy Forey, Tonia Downard and Al Pace with Burton are shown here with the 'Indigo Girls' and members of XPO Logistics team. 

Missy Forey, Tonia Downard and Al Pace with Burton are shown here with the ‘Indigo Girls’ and members of XPO Logistics team.